Ladies Accessories


Jewelry to match any outfit.  Come out & have a look at what we have in stock.



Our elasticized belts are two inch wide polycotton with a metal clasp closure.  They come in sizes from petite to xxl, in a variety of colours (including metallic gold, silver & copper). 


Spaghetti Ties:

We have spaghetti ties in a wide range of colors.  These can be used with Malco Modes blouse style 125; or as an accent on a solid color skirt.  The options are endless.




Malco Modes carries a variety of pettipants.  Poly-cotton (N-29); Nylon Tricot (N-20); Nylon Tricot mid-length (N-24) & Lamé (N-25) shown above. We also carry Poly-cotton mid-length (N-21) (not shown)


We also carry Sam's pettipants.  Nylon Tricot (501) shown here.




Crinoline Bags:

Sam's petticoat bags are made of 100% nylon mesh & are machine washable.  You can wash your finest lingerie & crinolines in these bags.  Great for transporting crinolines to & from dances!

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